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The Mythical Creatures Blog is a mini journal outlining important updates to...

- new information regarding existing pages on mythical creatures and beasts

- additional creatures added to this outstanding list of popular mythical creatures and beasts

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- the introduction of new features added to embellish the experience through this mystic world of fantasy creatures


It is a cross between a fox, a bird, and a rabbit. It can be any colors, but normally is green- or blue- and something. The Queen Shoof-Shoof, Queen

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Jiqiren Jingshen

These creatures are half human, half robot. They have dragon wings and always have a puddle of blood under them. The left hand is a metal claw and right

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Skeletal dragon with 10 heads.

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because it is awesome

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List of Mythical Creatures

List of mythical creatures - Monthly Top Ten list of mythical beasts

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It is said that they take the dreams from bad children and make them real. Billions of years ago they roamed earth making nightmares real and killing

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Infinite Guardian

Description: These creatures choose who they protect. You can't see them nor feel them! They share your emotions. When you are annoyed with the girl

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A sponge like creature that brings bad luck to its owner. If you get rid of or manage to kill it you will die in 24 hours.

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His body is full of pure metal, his tongue is that of a snake, his head is of a lion, has the body of an elephant and has two snake tails.

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A pig with a human body but, has pink skin and a pig snout, tail and hooves with red eyes and sharp teeth.

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