Name: Boogeyman, AKA bogeyman & boogyman

Features: Shadows that take on the shape of a feared monster

Source: European and American Folklore

Habitat: Where children sleep 

The Boogeyman can be and is described in many countless ways.

He can be whatever one fears the most and keep them from getting a good night’s sleep.

This nasty monster has been known to terrorize and kidnap misbehaving children.

He only appears when the subject is all alone in a darkened room, waiting to pounce as soon as its victim falls into deep sleep. 

He can hide in the closet, under the bed or in a pile of dirty laundry. The messier the room, the more places he can take cover.

The wind, moonlight and/or streetlights could be blamed for the scary, moving shadows appearing about in ones room.

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What is that scratching at my window? Are those beady eyes staring at me? Did I hear footsteps under my bed?

Why is the handle of the closet door turning? Who is breathing so loud? Thump! What just fell? Why is it so silent now - am I being watched?

So many noises, sounds and shadows - there is someone else in my room! What could they want?

How could the closet door now seem ajar, when just moments ago it was fully closed?

This can drive someone to experience many sleepless nights and perhaps drive them to clean up their rooms and possibly forget the idea of running away in the middle of the night. 

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Are you keeping a really good & scary Boogeyman story all to yourself?

Are you afraid to get in trouble with your relatives or friends with your creepy tale? Don't scare their kids, share it here - we want to hear about it! Whether it is a tale you grew up with and had nightmares about, or a terrifying story you heard around the campfire at summer camp. Don't be greedy - we want to listen to your creepy, shake in your boots story.

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