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The Mythical Creatures Blog is a mini journal outlining important updates to...

- new information regarding existing pages on mythical creatures and beasts

- additional creatures added to this outstanding list of popular mythical creatures and beasts

- new graphics for recently added or existing mythical creatures and beasts

- the introduction of new features added to embellish the experience through this mystic world of fantasy creatures

Spirit Walkers

Spirit Walkers are spiritual beings, whom are thought to be immortal and that look somewhat ghostlike - generally pale, and see-through. Spirit Walkers

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This is a real life experience.

One night our mother burst into our room sounding worried. That night I had a weird dream. I was lying face down on my bed (as usual) and these faint clawed

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My Mac Lighty

The Black Agnes was a creepy sort of witch. She had eagle eyes and a sharp claw she also look old . She was not available at the day time, she would

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Orion is an ancient golem made of zeal. It has special 'praise' and 'scold' markings across its bulky body, hinting its past actions to whether they were

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A race of Dragon-Like humanoids, which look more similar to humans than reptiles, but with scales covering three-quarters of their bodies, a long prehensile,

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Kids from 7 and up see them. They are people made with dots. When the kids grow up a bit they notice that the dotted looked a little bit like them when

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Ruzeke is a large, white owl who is a messenger and personal servant to the goddess Maleah. He has his way of reading another's mind to a certain extent,

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Kocaw (Koh-cor)

Kocaws are a large, parrot/reptilian creature who live in warm rainforests of the north. They tend to be frugivorous eating berries, mangos and the like,

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(Pronounced, Teh-LIE-gr-eh) The Teligre was a wyvern-like beast, with a unique crest that appeared jagged and thorn-like. It has been said that these creatures

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Big Elephfoot

Cousin to the Bigfoot species. Instead of fur it has the elephantine skin. Basically it has the elephant limbs but the feet and fingers are clawed. His

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