Name: Adlet, Erqugdlit, Erqigdlit

Features: Human dog cross

Source: Inuit Mythology

Habitat: Labrador and Hudson Bay Coasts, Canada

These mythical beasts are the monstrous offspring of an Inuit woman and a large ferocious red dog.

A litter of ten bloodthirsty, fur-covered and dog-like children were created from this very unnatural union.

Fully covered in fiery red fur, these beasts had some lupine features such as a long snout, pointed ears, long tails and piercing yellow eyes.

These children grew to be vicious and so terrifying that their mother chose to split them up.

She sent five of these bloodthirsty red wolves across the sea to ravage what the Inuit referred to as the white races.

Artist - NKirouac, Paper Sketch - Adlet,,

These merciless killers would hunt in packs through the wilderness and attack to feed on pretty much anything that crossed their paths.

They would feast on the flesh of whatever prey they captured, but their favorite treat was to drink the warm blood of a newly-slain human.

Although extremely powerful these wolf-like creatures were susceptible to and could be destroyed with silver and fire.

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