Name: Aigamuxa, Aigamuchab

Features: Human looking creatures with eyes on their feet.

Source: African Mythology

Habitat: Africa

The Aigamuchab were large man-eating and mostly human looking creatures with eyes either on the soles, in-step or on the back of the heels of their feet.

These powerful monsters lived in the dunes of the desert and could easily rip apart and devour any human prey they captured with their huge, long and sharp pointy teeth.

An encounter with this creepy desert beast is not something to wish on anyone, but an attack and capture could be avoided if the prey could outrun this deadly but disadvantaged monster.

If one could keep in mind the location of its eyes, all that was needed was to take advantage of the fact that the only way it could keep its prey in sight, was to stop and either lay down or do a quick head stand to see what it was chasing.

If a victim didn't give this predators sense of hearing or smell enough to keep this evil creature on chase, they could possibly escape unscathed. 

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