by Angel
(Arkansas, US)

An Ajax is a form of mythical creature that has the ability to shift forms. Similar to werewolves, an Ajax stands on two feet, have similar snouts, and are covered head to toe in fur. However, that's where similarities end.

Ajaxs are felines. They have long, narrow tails, slick fur, and cat ears. Their hands are human shaped and have sharp retractable claws. Males and females differ in appearance.

Males are a bit larger in size and have a height average of seven feet (in human form their height average is between five feet five inches to six feet). Males also have hair on their head that sticks out like a lions mane.

Females are smaller in size than males and have a height average of six feet (in human form their height average is between five feet to five feet five inches). Most females have straight hair that's often long and braided, though some females have short hair.

Ajaxs live in small tribes among humans, which appear to humans as small rural villages. They are very territorial and don't welcome outsiders. They have no truly defined leader among each tribe, but they do follow a set of rules established by the white Ajax.

White Ajax are rare and often male. They are considered a higher class and have a tribe of their own. They could be considered the rulers of all the tribes, however, they only interfere with the lives of the other Ajax if the offending party is in danger of exposing the existence of the Ajax.

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