Azhi Dahaka

Name: Azhi Dahaka

Features: Three headed dragon with sharp fangs

Source: Iranian Folklore

Habitat: Middle East and Central Asia

This monster was a horrific three headed dragon equipped with huge jaws and long, sharp teeth. This demonic mythical beast was created by the god Ahriman to dominate the world.

Some stories tell of him sending the dragon to earth to swallow the sun and destroy all life on earth.

This horrific monster began preying on cattle, but as it grew in size and began to realize its destructive urges – it soon began to prefer overpowering and feasting on humans.

The dragon was eventually stopped by the fire god Atar, who chained this three headed monster to Mt. Damavand found near the Caspian Sea.

Some fearless heroes attempted to get close enough to this destructive dragon to drive a sword through its belly and kill it once and for all.

The unfortunate who actually made it that far found that once they pierced its belly, a bounty of venomous snakes, spiders and scorpions poured out of it.

They would then be relentlessly bitten all over by the venomous critters and perish a very painful death.

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