by Hailey Tippets
(Salt Lake, Taylorsville USA)

Once there was a little girl named Ashlee Morgan who lived with her Mom, her Dad, and her older sister Brittney.

One day her Mom told her family about a dream she had. She said, “I had a dream where we were camping in the woods and when we woke up Ashlee wasn't in the tent. We went looking for her and when we stepped out of the tent, there she was on the ground with her ears bleeding and she was dead.”

Then Mr. Morgan said “Speaking of, where is Ashlee? She's normally the first one up.”

So Mrs. Morgan told Brittney to wake her up but when she came back down she said. “Ashlee's not in her room."

“That's odd.” Mr. and Mrs. Morgan said at the same time.

Then Brittney said “But her window is open.”

So the whole family went outside to try and find her. When they went outside there she was on the ground dead, her ears bleeding just like in her Mom's dream.

The next week they had a funeral for her. When they were having dinner (at the funeral) Britney saw a ghost like figure standing like one yard away from her. Then the ghost like figure opened her mouth as wide as she could.

It screamed so loud that Brittney's ear drums exploded. Her ears started bleeding just like her sisters and within seconds, she too was dead.

The End.

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