Bashuctola/ Bashuchtolan

by Macklin John Murdock
(Canada N.S )

The Bashuctola is a large four armed creature used during tribal wars.

This creature lives to be about 156 years old. An adult male can grow to be 8-11 feet tall and about 7 feet wide.

Their dark red fur covers everywhere accept their hands, feet and face. They have three fingers on each hand, and four toes on each foot.

They are an obedient and intelligent race that has developed tools of their own. They hunted and colonized in packs before they were captured and domesticated.

The young of the group would be tested; if one failed the alpha would kill the individual that failed. The test was to see if they could hunt and live on their own. If a young is not successful in stocking and killing pray they were killed by being tossed off a cliff or drowned in a lake or the ocean.

Once these strong and remarkable creatures were discovered by the Yoldomenan tribe they were at first hunted for their meat and fur. But once they fought back the Yoldomenan tribe grew curious and took one captive and studied it.

Once the specimen died in captivity they watched other packs and went as far as capturing a young one and raising it. After a few were captured and domesticated they were used to help keep other predators away from their tribes live stock.

Years after the Yoldomenan tribe was at war with the Koronie tribe and were losing. The Koronie tribe attacked a farm village and had first met eye to eye with the Bashuctola creature and was attacked.

What men that didn’t die during the encounter fled back to their camp. Once the military force arrived to the farm village they expected everyone to be dead and all homes burnt to the ground - but were surprised to see only few casualties.

The stories told to the military by some of the farm folk as they arrived intrigued them. This gave them the idea to use the Bashuctola species for war.

Not long after they were bred and trained for battle. Before they were put on the field they were fitted with armour and weapons attached to their wrists. With this creature causing fear and damage to the Koronie tribe they were all killed or captured.

With the repeated use of this creature the war was over with the Yoldomenan tribe victorious. But not long after these creatures slowly died out to extinction due to a famine that starved the people and the Bashuctola species.

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Sep 05, 2013
Very interesting!
by: Fellow Canuck

I found this story interesting and filled with details - pretty good writing!

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