Black Annis (Goose)

by Daniel b Rose
(Ohio, USA)

This Creature is the scariest thing I ever encountered. With the ability to paralyze you physically and stopping you from screaming, this blue-skinned, silver haired witch or warlock would tickle me and smack me in the face.

This Black Annis also had a theme song - it was either the march of the marionettes or 76 trombones all played in minor notes like an orchestra from hell. That is when I would see this skinny silhouette floating and throwing magical letters in the air spelling G O O S E. It animated like clay animation and had a face that resembled lady o lane from Mr. Roger’s neighbourhood.

How freaky is that? I experienced this from1980 until 1983 almost every night. I would wake up and see this scary blue face looking right at me. I would notice myself paralyzed and not being able to scream while goose would tickle me and smack me over and over. Then it would float away like a marionette.

When I was finally able to scream my parents came in and felt a cold presence. They believed me and had me sleep with a bible. My brother remembers goose also and we still draw pictures and talk about our terrifying childhood experience.

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