Black Annis

Name: Black Annis, Black Agnes, Black Anna

Features: Blue faced old witch with sharp iron claws

Source: English Folklore

Habitat: Leicestershire countryside 

Black Annis was a cave dwelling, scary blue-faced old witch with powerful iron claws that had a taste for human flesh.

The favorite items on her menu were small human children but she also preyed upon poor, defenseless lambs as part of her blood thirsty diet.

After she caught her victims and was done feasting upon their flesh, she would skin them and tan their hides to hang in trees as décor or wear them around her waist as a trophy belt. 

Being exposed to daylight would turn her to stone, so coming out to wander at night looking for unsuspecting children was her main preoccupation and specialty.

Just as the Boogeyman, scary and blood-filled stories of this evil witch would be told to children.

This was supposed to discourage them from misbehaving and possibly forgetting any thoughts they had of running away from home. 

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