Name: Catoblepas

Features: Large boar’s head, small pig’s body with wings

Source: Ancient Roman Folklore

Habitat: Ethiopia

The Catoblepas has an overly large head of a boar that rests on a much smaller body of a pig that is also equipped with wings.

Its head is so large and heavy that it prevents this beast from seeing much of anything.

Its head is continuously doomed to fall to the ground in front of it, being dragged into and through the mud and the dirt in its path.

Its diet consists of mainly eating deadly poisonous plants that give it a toxic breath that is capable of killing anything around it.

When and if by chance, this horrendous monster ever lifted its head up long enough to set eyes on anything or anyone, they would be instantly killed or turned into solid stone.

In some other accounts, this mythical creature is described as having the body of a buffalo with iron like scales all along its back.


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