The Cervusgriff is a large creature with the fore legs and head of a griffin and the hindquarters of a deer. The front half can be any eagle color while the back half is a lighter shade. Pure white ones do exist, however.

They prefer to live in a small flock on mountains, where they often vie for high status. However, it’s not unheard of for a yearling to leave to establish their own territory.

When on their own, they tend to be cautious at first. However, their bravado starts showing in the fall. Some of them will even attempt to court griffins, before perhaps settling with hinds.

They prefer medium to large mammals while in the forest. It’s not unheard of for them to visit open fields for food, if necessary. They will also take small mammals such as squirrels, insects, and fish. They will also nibble on low-lying plants if necessary.

On another note, it’s possible for them to be mounts. However it’s quite difficult because they tend to bolt at the first hint of unease so, it requires multiple meetings. Riding can happen soon after one sticks around, though.

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