Name: Chimera, chimaera, chimaira

Features: Three headed lion that could spew flames

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Greece, City of Lycia

The Chimaera had the head and body of a lioness and was capable of spewing flames.

Her tail was scaly and had a snake’s head at its tip. At the centre of her spine was the head of goat.

This complicated feline was one of the offspring of Typhon and Echidna.  She was also a sibling to Cerberus and the Lernaean Hydra.

Seeing her was an omen for storms, volcano eruptions and shipwrecks.

When she was full grown she killed many people with her powerful three heads which were able to attack independently of each other.

She was able to resist many attempts on her life until she met her fate - a poisoned spear thrown by Bellerophon.

Of course he was riding Pegasus at the time which, I am sure had plenty to do with the final outcome of this deadly quarrel.

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