Name: Chupacabra

Features: Small bear-like creature with spikes on its back

Source: Latin America

Habitat: Americas

The Chupacabra is said to be a heavy creature about the size of a small bear with rows of spikes all along its back and tail.

This creature apparently loves to suck and drain the blood of small animals, especially goats. It has left numerous bloodless carcasses behind at a time – all with puncture wounds to the chest.

The first reported account of an attack by this contemporary mythical beast occurred in 1995 in Puerto Rico. Shortly after that, many small animal deaths were reported in several North and South American countries.

These incidents even led some to suspect that perhaps these killings were being committed by some sort of satanic cult.

Since then, many creatures have been captured and examined in hopes of being the ultimate proof of the existence of this livestock killing machine.

So far, only mange inflicted coyotes and foxes have surfaced as being the culprits to similar killings.

But how can anyone explain the 2-3 signature puncture wounds and the absolute lack of blood left in the carcasses?

Sightings, pictures and even video can be found on the web right this very day – all claiming to have proof of the existence of this creepy and bloodthirsty beast.

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