Name: Cthulhu

Features: Large green body, long tentacles, wings and talons

Source: H.P. Lovecraft

Habitat: Pacific Ocean

The Cthulhu had thick green skin that was covered with scales and riddled with wart-like bumps.

His squid-like head had long thick tentacles surrounding it. These could easily crush any human that tried to oppose or attack it.

Giant bat-like wings folded out of its back and its feet were sharp, eagle-like talons. It could use these to take hold of enemies from the air and shred them apart.

This sea monster was the high priest of an ancient race of aliens referred to as “The Great Old Ones”.

This blood thirsty mythical beast had the power to invade people’s dreams and control them with its mind.

The story goes that once every age, the underwater city of R’lyeh surfaces and with it this monstrous high priest.
Once on the surface, this evil creature takes control of all the weak minded people that it can. He then causes them to perform human sacrifices to prove their loyalty to him.

Each time the city of R’lyeh surfaces this horrible green monster goes on a rampage of death and destruction to quench his thirst for bloodshed and violence.

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