by Jean-Luc Daly

A race of Dragon-Like humanoids, which look more similar to humans than reptiles, but with scales covering three-quarters of their bodies, a long prehensile, sharp claws and talons instead of nails, along with longer and more distinct canine fangs. Their natural lifespans range from 100-300 years, with adolescence beginning at 20 and ending at 60.

Draconians are a warrior-based species, believing physically strength and battle prowess to be accurate representations of willpower, ambition and mental strength. These three principles are prominent traits for leaders, and as such, held in high regard.

Draconian scales all start as a dull grey, but change in colour to correspond with their elemental affinity. Reds are associated with Fire, Deep Blues with Water, Browns with Earth, Silvers with Wind, while Purples, Pale Blues, Golds and Black are associated with Electricity, Ice, Light and Shadows respectively.

Affinities with the Elements also cause physical changes in Draconians.

Fire causes their claws, talons and fangs to be more prominent. Water causes their tails to become thicker and fins to grow along their spines. Wind grants them the largest wingspan, while Earth gives them the largest physical mass, towering over others. Electrical Draconians grow spines and become more built for speed, whilst Ice Draconians become a lither form of the Flame Draconians.

The largest and most prominent changes occur for Light and Shadow Draconians, as those associated with Light become more regal in appearance and are the second largest of the variants, whilst the Shadow Draconians grow backward pointing horns and naturally become slightly smaller yet more stealthy, as befitting each of their elemental natures.

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