by Nolan
(Hartford, Kansas, USA)

Anyone who would like to make a picture for my book cover is welcome to!

Anyone who would like to make a picture for my book cover is welcome to!

Description: Similar to a vampire but instead of feeding on the blood of things it steals their soul. One soul can hold the Endwinox for at least a month.

When the soul is stolen, the creature that is was stolen from never feels emotion and has a lack of muscle movement forever. The lack of muscle movement is caused by the paralytic substance it injects into the creature. The Endwinox can also steal souls from paintings and reflections.

The Endwinox can create followers by stealing the life force along with the soul - this takes the creatures will to resist away from them.

The Endwinox was created when a lone hunter made a bet with an angel - that he could kill an animal better than the angel could. On losing this bet the hunter refused to pay the angel so he was cursed along with all of his would be descendants; to stalk the people of this world and on doing so the angel removed the hunter’s soul.

That is why he takes the souls of these creatures. So you may be thinking - why would an angel be doing such a thing? Well it really was an evil sorcerer, whose name has long since been forgotten that had changed into an angel so that he could collect a new follower.

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Aug 28, 2013
by: Anonymous

Very interesting creature :)

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