A human-like creature with skulls embedded on its long bat-like wings. It has sharp teeth like that of a T-Rex and has purple claws up to its elbow like that of a dragon. It has black cat-like eyes, medium-length jet black hair and long horse legs. It is about 2m tall.
It can change from human at day to this creature at night. (Something like human mutation?)

Its claws are able to change into sharp icicles which are able to penetrate almost anything. Its eyes are able to move to its palms to shoot out large blasts of energy that is capable of destroying an entire forest as large as the Amazon. Looking into its eyes directly would mean that you would lose consciousness immediately and only wake up 100 days later, and that is, provided if you are lucky.

This creature is thought to have originated from deep down within the earth, where fossils of ancient creatures and human skeleton are combined together through unknown forces at work. Some argue that this creature was formed part of ancient witch rituals which are capable of piecing different parts of creatures together and implanting them into dead, fresh human bodies.

There can be many different types of Erons around the world, as they are formed from different creatures, and they conceal themselves in human form unless in danger.

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