Name:  Fafnir

Features:  Poison breathing, serpent-like dragon

Source:  Norse Mythology

Habitat:  Iceland

In Norse Mythology, Hreiomarr was the King of the Dwarves.  He had three sons, Otr, Regin and Fafner.  Regin was the son who built his father a house of glittering gold and gems.

Fafner was the strongest of the three brothers and he kept guard of the treasure and protected it.

One day, the gods Odin, Loki and Hoenir were travelling and came upon Otr, who had the likeness of an otter during the day.  They killed the otter with a stone and skinned the animal for its pelt.

That evening, these gods came to Hreiomarr’s dwelling where they were quick to show off the beautiful otter pelt they obtained earlier that day.  The King and his remaining two sons seized the gods and demanded that Loki pay a ransom for killing their beloved Otr.

Loki completed the task of gathering the gold of Andvari and the cursed ring Andvaranaut.  Loki was told that who ever was in possession of this cursed treasure would die. 

Fafnir then killed his father to get possession of this cursed treasure all to himself.  He retreated to the wilderness with his gold and guarded it fiercely.  He became very mean and greedy.

He transformed himself into a serpent-like dragon and breathed poison all around the countryside that surrounded his hoard.  All the nearby inhabitants lived in fear of this terrible & destructive dragon. 

One day, Regin decided to devise a plan to kill the dragon and secure the treasure from his brother so he could have it to himself.  He sent his foster son, Sigurd to slay the dangerous beast.  He instructed him to dig trenches in the path that the dragon used to travel to drink water.

The serpent eventually ventured out and Sigurd struck him with a sword in the left shoulder and mortally wounded the fierce serpent.  As the creature lay dying, it asked Sigurd his name and who his mother and father were.

The dying dragon then told Sigurd that he was glad that Regin would be the cause of his foster son’s death.  Sigurd shrugged the nonsense off and took the treasure regardless. 

Sigurd cooked the dragon’s heart and tasted the blood – this gave him the knowledge of the language of the birds.  While he was contemplating his wealth he came to know that Regin was planning to kill him once he returned the treasure.  Sigurd then killed Regin.

In some stories, this feared dragon’s hoard included the swords of Ridill and Hrotti, the helm of terror and the golden coat of chain mail.

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