Name: Formorians, Fomors, Fomori

Features: Large, deformed bodies made up of animal parts

Source: Irish Mythology

Habitat: Ireland

Formorians were extremely strange and grotesque looking. Some accounts describe them as being a mixture of various animal heads and body parts.

They are also said to have poisonous skin that oozed of deadly sweat. Anything that made physical contact with this toxic juice was doomed.

According to Irish legend, these monsters crawled out of the sea, onto the west coast of Ireland and took over the land.

Some stories say they were a race of demons that were the offspring of Noah’s son, Ham. They were ugly, cruel and terrorized the ancient Irish people.

They also possessed magical powers that they would use to destroy any enemies.

Their cruelty seems to have no limits, it is said that they would demand that the Irish people give up their children as sacrifices.

Right after the biblical flood, Partholon and his followers came onto Ireland, found and battled these horrible beasts.

They seemed to almost conquer these cruel sea demons, but then Partholon and his army were killed off by the plague.

Then there was Nemed and his army who fought many bloody battles against these monsters, but unfortunately the Fomors survived these as well.

Finally the Tuatha had their turn; after many battles, they eventually conquered these demon pirates and drove them back into the sea.

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