Name: Ghouls

Features: Decomposing human body

Source: Arabian Folklore

Habitat: Worldwide

Ghouls have all of the typical features of a human except it is presented in an emaciated, extremely anemic and partially decomposing form.

Their flesh, eyes and hair seem as if they have never seen daylight.

Their skin is pale and lifeless, their muscles atrophied and they are adorned with decaying bits and pieces all over their diseased bodies.

Seeming very weak and fragile, these undead creatures are indeed extremely strong, capable of easily ripping a healthy humanoid to pieces in mere seconds.

Their hands and fingers are especially powerful and are capable of a solid and deadly grip.

It is said that they often wander graveyards as if they were “all you can eat” buffets, feasting on the rotting flesh of corpses.

They also enjoy occasionally killing the living to take great pleasure in devouring their favorite food, fresh brain matter.

The only way to kill one of these disgusting creatures is with the single swipe of a sword, miss and swing twice and it will come back to life twice as powerful.

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