Name: Goatman

Features: A half goat, half man creature

Source: Maryland Folklore

Habitat: Eastern United States

Goatman is said to have been a brilliant scientist that was transformed into a hideous beast when one of his experiments went horribly wrong.

This resulted in him being cursed with an abnormal, twisted body that was littered with goat-like features.

With the legs of a goat and the rest of his body being blended with goat and human features – this creature was extremely odd, and hideous looking.

This unfortunate and twisted scientist is said to have been consumed with rage regarding his physical appearance.

He lashed out at young, beautiful people with the help of his sharp and deadly axe. He loved to sneak up on unsuspecting couples making out in their cars while parked in isolated areas hoping for a bit of privacy.

Empty cars have been found with axe-holes cut into them and the victims found nearby, butchered into many pieces.

In the 1950’s, legend says that the U.S government was performing experiments with animal DNA.

The objective was to blend animal and human DNA together to make individuals stronger and with highly acute senses. Unfortunately this scientist’s experiments with goats went terribly awry.

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