Name: Gogmagog

Features: Distorted human-like body and twice the size

Source: Anglican Folklore

Habitat: England

This mythical giant was said to be human-like, bulging with muscles and extremely powerful.

He was said to have been the son of a demon and had the combined strength of twenty strong men.

He was not known for his battle savvy but his extreme strength made up for that. He was finally defeated when the warrior Coineus threw him off a cliff in a duel.

He and his kind would stand up to 13 feet tall and were hideously ugly. They would wear animal skins with the heads and claws still attached to keep warm. This combined with their repulsive looks would give them their frightening and intimidating appearance.

These mighty giants would use simple weapons such as clubs, axes and spiked balls-and-chains in battle.

Prior to civilization, the British Isles were said to have been ruled by these fierce revolting giants. There they remained in control until the Trojans forced them into war. They were outnumbered and defeated by the superior military tactics of the Trojans.

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