Name: Golems

Features: Human-like body made of clay, rock or wood

Source: Hebrew Myth

Habitat: Czech Republic, formerly Moravia

Golems are huge, human-like monsters made of clay, stone or wood. They were formed of these substances and then brought to life by a single word.

The word “emeth” was either etched on the creature’s forehead or on a stone tablet which was then placed in the monsters mouth.

Individuals would bring these statues to life as slaves to help with chores.

Unfortunately these mythical creatures would continually grow in size and eventually become too strong for their masters to control.

As they grew, they would observe and learn about life watching the people around them. They would often become angry and envy the humans they observed for having emotions.

By this time they would usually be of a larger size and very strong – their fits of anger would cause great damage.

The only way to stop one of these creatures was to erase the “e” in “emeth” and change the word to the Hebrew word for death.

Masters could and would take pieces of a larger rock monster and fashion a smaller version to bring to life as a replacement slave.

golems in gaming

On the attack - who will win?  Watch the action!

Gameplay from The Elder Skrolls:  Skyrim.

The video below was created and shared by iGamrGeekTV.

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