Name: Grendel, (Grendal, Grendle)

Features: Giant and deformed troll-like human

Source: Poem - Beowulf

Habitat: Denmark

Grendel was a huge hideous ogre-like human with almost impenetrable leathery skin, large canine teeth with long nails at the ends of his claw-like hands.

He also seemed to have supernatural strength and the absolute lack of fear for death.

He only appeared and roamed about at night, spending most of his time wandering swamps and torturing helpless animals. His greatest hunger was and always remained for fresh human flesh.

King Hrothgar built a huge hall nearby, where large feasts were held with much drinking, laughing and singing.

This lonely monstrous beast would get infuriated with these constant sounds of joyful fun and would attack and kill all he could in every one of his rampages.

He did so almost every night for 12 years.

That is until Beowulf came onto the scene and tore his arm off during one of this ogre’s ritual party crashes.

The hideous and gruesome beast was left to wander off into the darkness to cry and bleed to death from this injury.

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