Name: Gwyllion, Gwyllon

Features: Ugly female spirits that relish in mischief

Source: Wales

Habitat: Welsh Mountains

Gwyllion are extremely ugly and very disturbing female spirits.

They are usually seen wearing tattered ash colored robes along with a pointed oblong hat.

These old hags are often described as also carrying a pot or wooden can in one hand.

These undead spirits love to roam about mountainous regions waiting to torment unsuspecting travelers.

Sitting at the bottom of the mountain, they follow and spook their victims from all directions driving them mad with fear and with nowhere to escape.

These mythical creatures are especially renowned for their disturbing laughter and eerie cries of “Wow up!” or in Welsh “Wwb!” or “Ww-bwb!”

If a Gwyll in disguise ever enters your home, just treat her fairly and she will leave without doing anyone any harm.

If one is threatened by one of these hideous ghosts, they can protect themselves with a quick flash of a metal knife.

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