Name: Harpies, Harpeia

Features: Top half of a witch, claws and wings of a vulture

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Greece

Harpies have the torsos and heads of ugly, withering old witches with the lower half and wings of an oversized vulture.

Their fingers and claws were adorned with long, pointy and extremely sharp nails.

Their faces were often covered with warts and their hair was long, stringy and greasy.

These disgusting creatures reeked of decay and death, leaving a stench that was nearly impossible to bear wherever they went.

They would steal any scrap of food they set eyes on and would foul anything they did not consume.

These horrid beasts were immortal and had the primary duty of carrying the souls of the dead to the underworld, Hades.

They would torture any who had led a life filled with evil deeds by pecking and scratching at their bodies endlessly.

Sometimes, these disgusting creatures would sneak out of Hades in search of living prey.

This developed for many, into the favorite reason behind all too many mysterious disappearances that occurred in Ancient Greece.

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