Hide and Seek

Clara was playing hide and seek with her cousin, and she was the seeker. Her little cousin would always say “The Boogyman’s gonna get you!” But she didn't believe.

Once she counted to 30, she ran upstairs into the bedroom. She looked around the room except the closet. Her cousin was too scared to go in. She took one look at the closet and turned around. She heard a creak, and she turned around.

The closet door was a few inches open. Clara could have sworn she left it closed, and she figured her cousin might've been that brave after all. She walked inside the closet and looked around - nothing.

Suddenly the door slammed shut and locked. She hit the door, but gave up.

Stairs led to the basement so she went down. Once she got to the bottom, she heard rustling. She called out, "If anyone's down there, I'm gonna lock you in!"

A voice whispered “Hey” and clapped its hands.

A blood curdling scream echoed across the neighbourhood. It has been six months now she has been missing. The only evidence they found was the door opened, just a little.

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