Name: Hippocampi, hippocampus, hippocamp

Features: Front half of a horse, body and tail of a fishlike serpent

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Greece

The Hippocampi were a combination of a horse and sea creature.

Their front end was that of a beautiful, strong horse and their bottom half resembled that of a fish-like sea serpent.

These beasts were referred to and known as Poseidon’s personal seahorses.

Poseidon would often drive in a sea-chariot that was lead by a pair or group of these fabulous creatures.

They are often shown as having fins covering their manes and legs.

This made the fish-like qualities of its lower half morph onto their horse-like front.

This mythical hybrid could just as swiftly gallop in and on water as well as on land.

This creature was depicted in many artworks, including decoration for mosaics in public baths and in various sculpture forms made of bronze, ivory and even gold.

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