Name: Hippogriff, Hippogryph, Hippogryphe

Features: Head and claws of an eagle, body of a horse

Source: Egyptian and Mesopotamian Myth

Habitat: Egypt, Middle East, parts of Europe and Asia

Hippogriffs had the head, fore claws and wings of a large eagle with the body and hind legs of a well tone and muscular horse.

They were extremely unlikely creatures, especially since being born from the union of a Griffin and its most hated animal species – the horse.

The unimaginable union of these two creatures was especially improbable - this is why these fantastic creatures symbolized the essence of sheer impossibility and true love.

These beasts were much faster, stronger, more intelligent and understanding than their parent half - the Griffin .

With their large, strong wings, they could fly about in the sky as fast as a stroke of lightening.

They were more amicable towards humans, easily tamed as pets and often became the trusted companions to various knights and sorcerers.

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