Infinite Guardian

by Eura Villar

This is the Gown the Female Guardians are wearing.

This is the Gown the Female Guardians are wearing.


These creatures choose who they protect. You can't see them nor feel them! They share your emotions. When you are annoyed with the girl who always acts cute around boys for example, you'll be surprised to see her trip in her feet even if you are just looking in her direction. These mischievous Guardians are the ones to blame for.

BUT, these Guardians cannot hurt your loved ones. They treat your family as their family also. They don't age and when you die, they transfer to a person you are closest with or to a person who cares for you.

They don't like animals especially dogs. They can sense anything paranormal. Don't be surprised if your dog barks like crazy even if no one is there.


They look like humans but with an incredible beauty. They are often seen by the people related in the supernatural/paranormal things hugging their chosen human. They are superbly protective and territorial because other Guardians might steal their human.

They wear white gowns almost like a graduation uniform for the girls - while the Guardians of boys wear black gowns with black pants. They have golden eyes.

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