Jersey Devil

Name: Jersey Devil

Features: Deformed body and head of a horse, horns and large wings

Source: North American Legend

Habitat: Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey

This devilish mythical creature had the deformed head and body of a horse, goat like horns on its head and giant bat-like wings.

It supposedly lived in the boggy woodlands of New Jersey, occasionally flying over the landscape to terrorize neighboring villages.

He would sometimes burst out of chimneys and through the flames to attack people and animals, or steal a pot of simmering stew.

Sightings of this legendary beast were said to be an omen for upcoming disasters such as shipwrecks and devastating storms. It is said to have even been sighted prior to the outbreak of the American Civil War.

Some stories focus on the terror it instilled on surrounding towns by killing people, livestock and feasting on small children.

One popular version of the origin of this devilish beast is that he was the 13th child of a mother that didn’t wish to have anymore children. When she became pregnant she wished that her 13th child would be born a demon.

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