Name: Jormungand

Features: Enormous snake with huge fangs and a flat tail

Source: Norse Mythology

Habitat: Oceans across the world

Jormungand was the biggest and deadliest monster ever imagined.

It had huge, sharp fangs that could also spit deadly venom.

It was also capable of exhaling clouds of poisonous gas that could kill all living creatures that inhaled it.

When it was young, it had extreme growth spurts that eventually led this mighty serpent to grow large enough to wrap itself around the entire planet earth.

This sea serpent was always in a foul mood and could cause natural disasters when ever it pleased.

Legendary Norse prophecies tell of a final battle to the death between this huge serpent and the great god Thor.

It is said that when the end of the world approaches, this serpent will rise from the sea during the final battle between the giants and the gods. It will flood the earth and spew poisonous clouds to kill off whatever doesn’t drown.

Thor’s purpose and lifelong quest is to kill this giant reptile with his mighty hammer. It is said that he will achieve this, but will suffer a deadly bite during this colossal battle and perish from the venom.

Check out the almighty Thor in action.  Video play below provided by iGamrGeektv.


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