Name: Kelpie

Features: Deadly shape-shifting water pony

Source: Irish Folklore

Habitat: Near freshwater lakes, streams and rivers

The Kelpie often appears with its mane dripping with water, standing near a freshwater stream, river or lake.

It resembles a beautiful pony with either a white or grayish black coat.

It can be identified by pieces of seaweed caught and tangled in its long, dripping wet mane.

Passersby would come across this seemingly tame pony and quickly be lured and tempted to mount it.

The riders would then find themselves magically stuck to its back. Once mounted, the deadly pony would dive into the deepest waters and drown the unfortunate passengers.

It was also capable of shape-shifting and assuming a human form to seduce a human lover.

Its shape-shifting powers are said to be contained in its magical bridle.

If captured, this deadly water pony was said to have the strength of up to ten regular horses.

This mythical horse was also known to warn against upcoming storms by wailing and howling.

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