Name: Kitsune

Features: Fox-like with magical abilities and numerous tails

Source: Japanese Folklore

Habitat: Japan

Kitsune is the Japanese word for fox.

Foxes are commonly found in Japanese folklore due to the fact that they lived in very close proximity with humans in ancient Japan.

Many tales depict these four-legged mythical creatures as extremely intelligent beings that also possess magical powers.

These powers are said to increase along with their age and wisdom.

These beasts can be described as having as many a nine tails. The exact number of tails they have reflect their age, power and wisdom.

Longevity and the ability to assume human form is among their most popular magical capabilities.

They are portrayed in stories as faithful guardians, friends, sometimes lovers and even wives.

In some accounts, these creatures are also known for being evil and destructive.

They can generate fire from their many tails, bend time and space, render themselves invisible and shape-shift into other terrifying forms.

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