Name: Knucker, Nicor

Features: Large flying water dragon

Source: England

Habitat: Water pool near Lyminster

The famous dragon known as Knucker, lived in a hole by the same name near the village of Lyminster.

This evil man-eating beast terrorized nearby villages killing both livestock and humans.

Though primarily a water monster, it could also fly and would ravage the country side for miles and miles around.

This dragon was so famous that his story has been retold and changed many times over the years.

There are several differing accounts as to how this famous killing machine spent his last moments.

One story is that he was slain by a courageous knight. The victorious knight received the hand of the daughter of the King of Sussex as a prize for putting this beast down.

Another popular ending includes a farmer’s boy named Jim Pulk. One day, Jim Pulk had this great idea to defeat this horrible mythical creature.

He baked a large poisonous pie and placed it in a horse driven cart which he left near the dragons den.

The monster took this bate and ate the pie along with the horses. Once the dragon was dead, Jim Pulk cut off his head and took it to the Six bells Inn to celebrate.

Unfortunately, he also died shortly after due to the accidental exposure to the powerful poison he had used to bake his deadly pastry.

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