Name: Kraken

Features: Gigantic squid or octopus

Source: Norwegian and Scandinavian Legend

Habitat: Coasts of Norway and Iceland

The Kraken are giant octopus or squid-like creatures that reside in the seas. They are so large that they can easily wrap ships with their tentacles and drag them into the deep waters with ease.

Also, because of their gigantic size, they can create extremely powerful whirlpools when they quickly submerge, which can suck down anything caught within it, including large ships.

They have been said be the size of a small island. These sea monsters were so large that some sightings were accidentally logged as actual pieces of land on maps.

These sea monsters were feared and also embraced by fishermen. Since they fed the lesser fish with their leftover meals and excrement, schools of fish always surrounded these huge and dangerous squids.

This made for the ultimate opportunity for a bountiful catch for fishermen courageous or desperate enough to brave the odds.

These mythical creatures may have been born from the sightings of real giant squids that can grow to 40-50 ft in length including their tentacles.

Watch a short clip of the Kraken in destructive action!

Video provided by iGamrGeekTV.

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