Name: Lindworm, Linnorm, Lindwurm

Features: Extremely large, monstrous snake

Source: Northern European Mythology

Habitat: Various

The Lindworm is a tremendously large snake with a deadly, poisonous bite.

This creature is part of numerous stories from all over Northern Europe. It is sometimes described as having wings, no wings, two limbs and sometimes four.

One version describes it with also having large pointed claws at the ends of its wings.

Depending on where the story originates, this monster was known to terrorize rivers, seas and also on land.

Death, terror and destruction follow this incredible beast in all stories of its adventures – no matter who spins the tale or from where it originates.

This dragon beast was said to eat cattle and other livestock whole. To keep this monster at bay, cattle would be offered – no less than one beast per day just to keep it satisfied.

Other tales have it even invading local churchyard cemeteries to unearth and eat the dead.

These large ferocious snakes were the inspiration for many popular motives on rune stones in 11th century Sweden.

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