Luna Umbra

Feared by the people of Amaria, these beings are one of the most deadly creatures to roam the land.

Known for their crescent-shaped eyes, these creatures feed off the curiosity of Amarians. Their eyes are their brightest feature, while the rest of their body is hidden in the shadows. If you could catch a glimpse of their body, you could see that their skin is black and melting.

They are nocturnal creatures that hide in abandoned homes or facilities. They are at their strongest at night and at their most vulnerable in the daylight. To avoid being spotted by monsters who could kill and devour them, they can make their eyes go black so they completely blend into the shadows.

If you happen to find yourself face to face with these creatures, you must follow their actions. They will move their heads from left to right, like a curious or confused dog would. Failing to do so will cause their eyes to go red and will result in a slow and painful death as they sink their sharp teeth into your flesh.

Having followed these movements, their eyes will turn black and they will spare you.

No one knows of their true origin, or if they die, considering it takes thousands of years for them to decease. But, you cannot defeat these creatures with weapons or any harmful force. Any weapons would slip through their melting body.

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