Name:  Lusca

Features:  Large octopus/shark hybrid

Source:  Caribbean Folklore

Habitat:  Sink holes found in the waters in and around the Bahamas

The Lusca is mostly described as a type of colossal octopus that resides in the Caribbean waters.  Some accounts also describe them as having a shark’s head and tentacles like that of a huge octopus. 

They surge out and attack out of the blue holes found off the coasts of many islands found in the Bahamas.  These blue holes are said to be the connecting points to numerous ocean caves, walls and passage ways.

In 1896, a large specimen washed up on a shore in Florida and was believed to be one of these rare and monstrous specimens.  After some further studies, scientists deemed the samples of this beached monstrosity as most likely being pieces of decomposing tissue belonging to a Sperm Whale.

These gigantic water monsters are said to be from 75ft to even up to 200ft in length.  They also possess the ability to change in color to blend and hide into their immediate surroundings.

Tales of these mythical creatures range from and describe them as being multi-headed monsters, dragon-like beasts, evil entities or even some type of extremely large eels.

The island of Andros in the Bahamas is home to over 170 inland blue holes and 50 oceanic blue holes. 

The waters on the eastern side of Andros are referred to as the Tongue of the Ocean due to the fact the water depths drop off to 35 meters then to almost 2km deep very close to the shoreline.

This area referred to as the Tongue of the Ocean has had the most sightings – probably due to the fact that this environment would make an ideal habitat and hiding place for this type of large water monster.

Numerous witnesses recall seeing entire ships sucked into these blue sink holes by the Lusca only to have their wreckage float back to the surface before them shortly after. 

Is this a monsters doing or the cause of a natural ocean phenomenon caused by swift tidal changes causing a powerful whirlpool effect within the blue holes?

This might explain how boats and ships are suddenly being sucked into whirlpools within the blue holes but does not account for the massive tentacles flailing about amongst the commotion of waves and boils of water.  What about the shark-like head and ferocious pointy teeth?

Many ships have perished in these blue holes just as many divers have never returned from their deep diving expeditions.

Perhaps one day we will find proof of these creatures that have terrorized the inhabitants and fishermen of these captivatingly beautiful yet sometimes extremely treacherous waters.

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