Name: Mermaids

Features: Human female upper half with a fish-like torso and tail

Source: Various Worldwide Mythologies

Habitat: Seas and Oceans

Mermaids are one of the earliest legendary creatures to be have been talked and written about.

Mermen also make a very early appearance, but the female version makes a more powerful and dominant presence in many cultures.

These beautiful enchanting aquatic creatures were often regarded as semi-divine with the aspects of a Goddess.

They were often honored in seaside temples as they represented the beginning of life, as was the sea from which they came.

They weren’t always described as having the torso and tail of a fish, but this does seem to be a very popular portrayal of this magical mythological being.

Can you believe that even Christopher Columbus reported seeing three of these aquatic creatures during his first voyage to the Americas in 1493?

These enticing beings were known to lure lonely sailors by overcoming them with lust and then dragging them down to their underwater kingdoms.

These beautiful female water creatures were said to either accidently drown their victims by overlooking the fact that humans could not breathe under water, or drowning them on purpose out of pure spite.

They were also known to cause horrible storms that would be the cause of terrible shipwrecks and the demise of many sailors.

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