mister hyde

Name:  Mister Hyde

Features:   Human male with distorted features

Source:  A story by author Robert Louis Stevenson

Habitat:  London, England

In the story of Dr. Henry Jekyll, the doctor creates a potion that enables him to unleash ones evil alter ego.  Dr. Jekyll, who is generally mild mannered becomes a beastly, hairy and violent man once he has ingested this potion.

Dr. Jekyll was a respected member of society and a law abiding citizen.  He decided to create a potion to explore and bring out his darker side.  His alter ego relishes in breaking laws, inflicting violence against others – even to the point of committing murder.

When author Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the novel “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, he was experimenting with the notion that all human beings have a good side and an evil side to their personality.

Dr. Jekyll initially experimented to isolate the evil side of people in order to create a potion to drive their darker side away.  This is how he came about the potion that turns him into his evil alter ego.

Unfortunately, do-gooder Dr. Jekyll discovers and begins to enjoy being the evil version of himself.  Instead of using the potion as a channel to drive evil out of others and his self, he uses the concoction to turn himself into his evil version any chance he gets.  His alter ego lives dangerously and fills him with excitement and thrills.

Eventually, Dr. Jekyll’s evil side starts gaining power and begins to take over his persona even when the doctor has not taken a dose of the potion he created.  Dr. Jekyll begins to feel powerless and fears that his darker side, Mister Hyde will eventually take over his personality completely. 

In this state of fear, the doctor decides to write a letter describing and confessing to all of the things he did as his evil version and then kills himself in order to stop his alter egos evil doings.

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