Name: Mngwa, Nunda

Features: Enormous feline with huge teeth and claws

Source: Swahili hunting song

Habitat: Tanzania and Kenya

The Mngwa is a gigantic cat, about the same size as that of a pony.

It has creepy yellow eyes, sharp deadly teeth and huge razor like claws.Its fur is a dark grey with black stripes and spots, similar to a nowadays domesticated tabby cat.

Its body is said to sport some hairless spots from victims clutching and ripping patches as they attempted to free themselves.

This feline was so strong and ferocious that it could kill a person with a single bite or strike of its paws. It is mightier than the powerful lion, faster and deadlier than a leopard.

No one has ever survived an attack or successfully captured this beast. Many bloodied and mangled bodies have been left strewn about, clutching tufts of grey fur in their hands without explanation.

This horrifying mythical beast has terrorized African hunters for nearly one thousand years.

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