Name: Mokele-mbembe

Features: Large body with a long neck

Source: African Folklore

Habitat: Central Africa

The Mokele-mbembe is said to have a large body close to the size of an elephant and a long neck similar to the huge plant eating dinosaur, the sauropod.

It is also said that this huge creature is brownish-gray in color and has a row of short spikes protruding from the back of its neck.

This large dinosaur-like creature lives in the Congo River located in Central Africa. There have not been any accounts of actual attacks, but any encounters with this creature have clearly indicated that it wishes to be left alone.

This mythical creature is said to live in the caves of the Congo River, especially the ones located on the shores at the rivers sharp bends.

Two feet wide, three clawed footprints have been found in the area. They are not a match to any known animal. Most encounters and sightings relating to this enormous water beast have been at sunrise or sunset, when it is either leaving or entering the water. This leaves many to believe that it is a nocturnal creature.

The belief that this creatures exists is so strong that several hunting expeditions have been undertaken over the years to track it down and prove its existence.

Many close encounters have been documented but none have been able to provide indisputable proof that it actually exists.

In 1966 a picture of a large three toed footprint was take in the area by Yvan Ridel.

In 1981, Herman Regusters and his 30 men expedition party returned with droppings and casts of large footprints believed to be that of this elusive sea creature.

In 2009, the History Channel series, MonsterQuest aired the findings of an expedition to the area in search of this legendary water beast. They did not report any actual sightings, but did locate several large caves and sonar readings of extremely large serpent-like shapes under water.

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