Mongolian Death Worm

Name: Mongolian Death Worm

Features: Slimy red body with long fangs

Source: Mongolian Myths

Habitat: Gobi Desert in Mongolia

This dangerous desert worm is a deadly, enormous monster with reddish poisonous skin, razor sharp fangs and is capable of spitting fatal splashes of venom and even electricity.

Its appearance resembles that of a living piece of intestine riddled with visible veins and covered with a gooey slime.

This horrifying beast spends most of its time slithering about deep in the sands of the Gobi desert, waiting to surface at the smell of its favorite prey – humans.

The Mongolian Death Worm can emerge from the sands out of nowhere to attack, shocking its victims to the ground with a healthy dose of electricity.

Anything that survives is afflicted with a spray of lethal venom that covers and quickly dissolves their flesh, killing them almost instantly.

The people of Mongolia, natives and the government were so equally spooked by this sand monsters possible existence that they made it illegal to even speak of it and also declared the Gobi Desert off limits to any foreigners trying to authenticate the existence of this deadly organism.

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Below is a short video that includes clips of the movie Dune.  Here you can watch some scary sandworms own the desert.

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