Mythical Creatures List

This mythical creatures list is dedicated to all of the creatures and beasts that we were not able to find enough information on to dedicate an entire page to.

Through our research so far, we were unfortunately unable to find enough details and artwork on any of the mythical monsters listed below.

Even with so little details and information - we still feel that these particular creatures are fascinating enough to include in our ever growing list of mythical monsters and beasts.

We always hope that through additional research we can find even more information and artwork on these captivating mythical creatures.

We will keep updating individual creatures as we come across any additional information. Perhaps, one day we will find enough interesting details and artwork to dedicate an entire page to some of these intriguing creatures.

Mythical Creatures List

Amarok - This beast is a gigantic wolf that roams about in the deep woods waiting to hunt down and devour anyone foolish enough to venture out there alone.

Source: Inuit Mythology

Habitat: Northern Canada

Bonnacon - The Bonnacon (also known as Bonasus) is a bull-like beast with a horses mane. It also has two horns that are curved inward. It protects itself by discharging foul fumes and a long trail of dung. This dung is so hot that it sets fire to and burns anything it comes in contact with.

Source: Asian Mythology

Habitat: Asia

Caladrius - The Caladrius is a snow-white bird that will refuse to look at anyone who is ill and dying. It is also said to be able to cure a sick individual by taking their illness onto itself. It then flies away dispersing the sickness, purging and curing itself in the process.

Source: Roman Mythology

Habitat: Kings’ Castles

Cerastes - This large serpent was said to be incredibly flexible. It would lie in the sand with only its horns sticking out waiting for its victims. It is described as either having two large ram-like horns or four pair of smaller horns.

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Desert

Kludde - Though the Kludde is usually described as being a large black dog, it can also have the appearance of a horse, cat, bat or even a frog. It is identified by the blue flame that flickers about its head and the sound of rattling chains. This beast jumps on the back of travelers that venture onto lonely roads and tears them apart with its sharp teeth and claws.

Source: Belgian folklore

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