Nandi Bear

Name: Nandi Bear

Features: Similar to an overgrown hyena with one eye

Source: Nandi people of Africa

Habitat: Africa

The Nandi Bears are very large, muscular beasts with long sharp claws and spotted fur.

They have very similar physical features to the well known hyena but are much larger, angrier and only have a single eye in the middle of their foreheads.

They are also quite agile at climbing trees to spy and then ambush their helpless victims.

These mythical beasts are extremely violent and following every vicious attack, it is said that they feast on the brains of their victims with immeasureable pleasure.

Victims were often found with their skulls completely crushed and their brains missing. Once their single, evil eye had you in its sight, there was little to no chance of escaping.

Over the past decades, there have been several reported encounters and sightings of this despicable monster.

Scientists have even speculated that these bears could actually be a subspecies of hyenas thought to be extinct or one that has not been yet identified.

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