Nemean Lion

Name: Nemean Lion

Features: Extremely strong lion with impenetrable skin

Source: Greek Mythology

Habitat: Greece, City of Nemea

The Nemean Lion was gifted with supernatural mystic powers and was virtually undefeatable.

With all the same features of a normal lion, amplified strength, along with impenetrable skin - this vicious beast seemed unstoppable.

Not a single man made weapon could damage or cut through this formidable mythical beast's hide.

It terrorized and killed many people near and around the ancient city of Nemea with, what seemed to be a ravenous taste for blood.

Selene, the moon goddess adored this beast greatly. In some accounts, Selene and Zeus are said to have been the actual proud parents of this indestructible feline.

Hercules was commanded by King Eurystheus to kill the lion, which he succeeded in doing by using his super human strength.

He entered its den, and somehow during battle managed to wrap his arms around the lion's neck and use his astounding power to strangle the last breath out of the feline.

He then skinned the beast with one of its own razor sharp claws and made a cloak with its pelt to wear as armor.

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