Never go to a newly dead person's house right after they die

by Love Gordon
(San Antonio, Texas, USA)

I was fairly young when my great grandmamma died. I was 12 and wanted to go see the house to get my things such as my dolls and blankets, but my mother refused. We are actually from the U.K. and she had heard stories as a child. She started like this.

"Back in Europe they say when someone dies they have a visitor at their house. She is cleaning." At that I asked who and she refused to tell, but a few days later she told me.

"She is a Banshee, a beautiful crying maiden. She is like a princess but, if you hear her singing her song it will kill you.”

“Grandma told me she once saw one at her Uncle's house. She was walking down the corridor quiet and scared. She had tripped beside the large window. You know the one in her house back in Europe?”

“Well, when she got up she saw a woman with long dark hair just like yours wearing a long white gown stained with dark red. She was crying and washing a bloody cloth in the washing pot.”

“Gran called out but the woman didn't hear her so she ran for the door and went outside. The woman disappeared leaving her Aunt's old dress in the wash pot. Her Aunt had died the day before."

At that my mother hurried downstairs. She had burnt the cookies.

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Jul 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

This is an epic story have you ever thought of going into the story writing buisness

Feb 19, 2014
by: RedRose

If u hear a banshee somebody close to you is gonna die
If u SEE one, YOU ARE going to die

Jan 05, 2014
what the crap
by: Anonymousian

this is my favorite telling yet!

Feb 12, 2013
Your Story
by: Anonymous


Dec 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

That is freaky cool!!!!

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